Core Values


A.  Yachats Community Presbyterian Church is a welcoming, Come-As-You-Are (being accepting and non-judgmental of all: age, race, gender, sexual orientation and appearance), Christ-centered community church, open to everyone to worship God and hear a Christian message of love, hope, compassion, and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  We strive for respect and unity of spirit among a congregation with diverse denominational backgrounds.

B.  We participate in a caring Christian community that shares a belief in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, along with Christian concern, compassion, and caring support for individuals and families, particularly those in poor health or in personal distress within the congregation and local community.

C.  We seek to understand who our neighbor is and participate in Christian outreach and mission service, so as to be living examples of Jesus Christ within our local community and the world.

D.  We value a variety of music that is meaningful in the congregation's worship service, encouraging members and friends of the church to participate.  Musical programs outside of worship add to the enjoyment of our church and community.

E.  We value Bible and theological study that strengthens our relationship in Christ.

F.  We show personal gratitude to God through stewardship of our time, talent and financial resources.

G.  We value Christian messages preached from a Biblical perspective that are interesting, informative, encouraging and challenging.