Sunday Morning

The Service

We gather on Sunday Mornings at 10:00am, to worship God in community.  During the summer months, we gather at 9:45, for an "old-fashioned" hymn sing prior to our traditional worship.

We are an inclusive, welcoming, come-as-you are, Christ centered community of faith.

As such, we recognize that those who worship with us come from many different faith traditions, or from no tradition at all.  Accordingly, our worship is fairly informal and we encourage you to engage with it in whatever way you feel comfortable.

What to Expect on Sunday Morning

While our worship begins at 10:00, you’ll notice people start to trickle in around 9:30.  Feel free to be early and catch the choir practicing, or sit with a new friend in the fellowship hall and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. While children and families are always welcome, you will find that we are an older congregation, with members of many different geographical backgrounds and sartorial choices: you will see both jeans and suits, and should feel comfortable in either.

We are an open and affirming church, steeped in the reformed tradition. This means we welcome all people in Christ’s name: children and adults, single and married, gay and straight...

...and in all we do, we seek to serve God who creates, sustains, saves, and renews all life.

Ordinarily, services are based on the scriptures from our liturgical calendar: an Old Testament reading, perhaps a Psalm and a New Testament reading.  Quite often there will be some poetry thrown into the mix for good measure. There will be a short sermon, a time for sharing of the peace with a lot of hand-shaking and maybe some hugging; though all you really have to do is tell the person next to you “The peace of Christ be with you,” or simply “Good morning.” The offering plate is passed at most services, but you are under no pressure to contribute.  There will be a time in our service to lift up your joys and your concerns, and ask the community to pray for you, and for you to pray for it.

We have a lot of members who’ve come from other church backgrounds, and you will see in our worship, that many different worship styles are not only acceptable, but encouraged in our life together.

We serve communion on the first Sunday of every month. In most cases, bread is passed around, followed by trays of grape juice. Everyone is invited to take part.

Services generally run about an hour, and afterwards we welcome you to make your way across the narthex to the fellowship hall for a casual time of coffee-and-snacks.

You’ll meet people with deep roots in the Yachats community and people whose lives are intersecting with Yachats more briefly.  In both cases, you'll meet passionate people with a deep love for our little village, and a desire to make our community a better place for all of us to live.

If you are interested in learning more about formally joining our community, please feel to ask the pastor Bob when he’ll be hosting the next gathering for potential members.





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